Assets withdrawn from AscendEX go through the following three steps:

  1. When users request a withdrawal, the withdrawal is verified immediately on AscendEX. However, it takes a little longer to verify large-amount withdrawals.
  2. Then, the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. Users can check for the confirmation process on blockchain browsers of different tokens using the transaction ID.
  3. A withdrawal confirmed on the blockchain and credited to the receiving platform is considered a complete withdrawal.

Note: Network congestion can extend the transaction process.

If a withdrawal has been made but not credited to the receiving account, you can take the following steps to check a transaction’s status:

  1. Get your Transaction ID (TXID) on AscendEX. A TXID indicates that the platform has completed the withdrawal and the asset has been transferred to the blockchain.
  2. If block confirmation is completed but the withdrawal is still not credited to your account, please contact the receiving platform. AscendEX has completed the operation for this withdrawal and cannot provide any additional action to speed up the transaction process.

Please note,

  1. For the purpose of asset security, a manual check will be conducted for large withdrawals. Please be patient. If a TXID is not generated within two hours after you withdraw, email customer support at, providing the following information: your account name, withdrawal token, withdrawal amount, and a screenshot of the withdrawal history.
  2. The transaction will take more time when there is network congestion. Block confirmation span time varies for different digital assets. If the block confirmation is still being processed , please be patient.
  3. Confirm the transaction information, especially the address and tag when transferring assets to avoid unnecessary asset loss because transactions on the blockchain are irreversible.

Useful Links:
Users can check their block confirmation status with their TXID by using the following blockchain browsers.

  1. BTC Blockchain Browser:
  2. ETH and ERC 20 Tokens Blockchain Browser:
  3. LTC Blockchain Browser:
  4. ETC Blockchain Browser:
  5. BCH Blockchain Browser:
  6. XRP Blockchain Browser:
  7. DOT Blockchain Browser:
  8. TRX Blockchain Browser:
  9. EOS Blockchain Browser:
  10. DASH Blockchain Browser: