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Highly Liquid Markets
AscendEX's robust cash, margin, and derivative trading products rank amongst the most liquid and actively traded in the industry with average daily trade volume >$400mm from a diverse global user base of retail and institutional traders from over 200 countries.  Trade Now >
Competitive Fees & Rebates
AscendEX's dynamic fee & rebate structure allows traders to receive up to a 1.5 bps (0.015%) rebate for providing liquidity (“maker”) and pay as little as a 2.0 bps (0.02%) fee for taking liquidity (“taker”) on the platform. It helps to facilitate the tightest effective spread in the industry.  Learn More >
Sophisticated Connectivity Solutions
Capable of handling over 400,000 transactions per second (“TPS”), our high-performance infrastructure provides high throughput, low latency connectivity. REST and Websockets available to all clients with dedicated connection (i.e., “co-location”) upon request.  Learn More >
White-Glove Client Services
Dedicated client service and technology support representatives provide 24/7 coverage to cater to institutional clients’ unique needs in a timely manner from global operational centers in Asia and Americas.
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