1.What is a wire transfer deposit?

A wire transfer deposit is a seamless means of transferring funds electronically from your bank account to your AscendEX account. Wire transfers can be sent either domestically or internationally, and are initiated from your bank, credit union or financial institution.

2. How do I initiate a deposit via wire transfer?

Wire transfers must be initiated from your bank using specific recipient and sender details. To access instructions and your unique code:
- Sign in to your AscendEX account.
- Open “My Wallet” from the menu and select “Cash Account.” 
- From the “Cash Account” page, select “Deposit.” 
- When asked "Which type of asset would you like to deposit?" select "Continue" from the Cash section.
- Select a currency and select "Continue."
- The next page you will be directed to contains the address you must send your wire transfer to.

Here are certain key points to remember:
- Please make sure that the name associated with your bank account matches the name on your AscendEX account. 
- Please make sure to include the unique identifier code (assigned to you specifically) in your wire transfer details.

3. Where should I send the wire transfers to?

Once you have confirmed your deposit request, please deposit your funds using the following instructions:

Recipient Name(Beneficiary): Bridge Ventures Inc
Street: Hardy OakBlvd Ste 104 PMB77950
Number: 21750
Zip Code: 78258−4946
City: San Antonio
Region or State: Texas
Country: U.S.A
Bank Name: LeadBank
Street Address: 1801 Main St. 
City: Kansas City
State: MO
Postal Code: 64108
Bank Country: U.S.A.
ABA Routing Number: 101206101
Account Number: 1000682035

4. How can I confirm that my wire transfer was successful?

Once the funds from your wire transfer have been successfully deposited into your AscendEX account, you will receive a confirmation email. If your wire transfer was rejected, we will also notify you by email.

5. How long will it take for the funds to show up in my AscendEX account? 

Wire transfers are usually processed within 3-5 business days, once initiated. However, AscendEX is not responsible for any delays in your wire transfer attributable to your bank or other third parties. If the funds are not available in your account after 5 business days, please contact support (https://asdx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new)  for further assistance.

Once the wire transfer is successful, your deposited funds will be reflected in your AscendEX account.

6. In what currency will the funds appear in my AscendEX account?

Upon receipt, the wire transfer amount will be converted automatically to USD stablecoin at a 1:1 ratio and reflected in your AscendEX account as such. Please note that deposits received in a currency other than USD will be converted automatically to USD at their listed exchange rate and then to an equivalent amount in a USD stablecoin. Your funds will then be available for you to invest, trade and earn. 

7. Are there any associated fees with depositing through wire transfer?

Besides the wire transfer fees charged by your financial institutions and the third-party payment processors, AscendEX charges a service fee for each wire transfer deposit, which is 1% of the wire transfer deposit amount.

8. Why was my wire transfer rejected?

Wire transfers can be rejected if any of the details used when sending are incorrect, such as the name on the bank account not matching the name of the AscendEX account holder.

Your wire transfer could also be delayed if you did not include the unique identifier code assigned to you in your wire transfer details.

AscendEX is not responsible for delays in wire transfers attributable to your bank or any third parties your bank may use.

If you wish to know more about why your wire transfer was rejected, please contact support at: https://asdx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

9. What can I do after receiving the funds in my AscendEX account?                                                          

Once funds are available in your AscendEX account, your crypto journey begins. Start investing, trading and earning crypto through our full suite of product offerings.