ASD Investment Multiple Card

∙ Multiply your investment profit by 5 with one card
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ASD Investment Multiple Card
-- ASD/Cards
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Terms & Conditions

1. Users need to purchase ASD Investment Multiple Card with Available ASD/ASD Investment Quota in Cash Account. With one Multiple Card, up to 10,000 ASD in user’s Cash Account will be multiplied by 5 in the calculation of the individual share of platform distribution pool. As a result, 10,000 ASD with Multiple Card has the same individual share as the investment of 50,000 ASD.

2. When user’s ASD balance in Cash Account is less than 10,000 ASD, the actual balance will be used in the calculation.

3. Card sale is scheduled every 10 days with two releases at 0:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC. One purchase per user is allowed. The purchase quota is capped at 15 cards per user account each time. The card will be automatically activated and applied to the account the next day upon the purchase.

4. ASD within the scope of ASD Investment Multiple Card cannot be redeemed early or used for circulation. Upon expiration, those ASD tokens are subject to auto-subscription to regular ASD Investment Product.

5. Multiplication Priority: Available ASD in Cash Account > ASD Investment Quota in Cash Account. However, if there are ASD tokens remaining from last multiplication period, then the newly-purchased card(s) will be first applied to the same amount of ASD.

6. Consumption Priority: Available ASD in Cash Account > ASD Investment Quota in Cash Account.