Dear AscendEX Users,

Your trust in our platform is paramount. AscendEX has always prioritized the safety of your assets and valued transparency as a means to enhance the reliability and security of our platform for all cryptocurrency transactions.

While we constantly strive to keep you informed, we’re pleased to provide an overview of our hot wallets to further this commitment.

Here are our ETH, BSC & Polygon hot wallets:

Please note: The wallet addresses we’re sharing serve to enhance transparency, giving you insight into a subset of our complete wallet infrastructure. We’re committed to a holistic approach to asset storage designed to bolster security and protect your investments.

The assets associated with the shared wallet addresses are rigorously managed in line with the highest security standards. Our team continuously evaluates and strengthens our safety measures. Your unwavering trust underpins our dedication to both security and transparency.

For any inquiries, our support team is always here to assist. We deeply value your continued support.

The AscendEX Team

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