Dear users,

To provide users with a more flexible and user-friendly contract trading experience, AscendEX is excited to announce that our futures products have been upgraded. To celebrate this, we will launch the 100-day Futures Bonanza on April 7, 2023.

The 100-day promotion includes various special events such as recruiting bonus volunteers, live streams of trading skills by well-known traders, the Partner Spark Program, the referral contest, Wednesday Lucky Draw, and the Futures Trading Check-in Bonus Day. Join us to win a share of our daily rewards and millions of bonuses!

Bonus Volunteer Recruit

Referral Contest

-Invite friends to earn ASDs

Wednesday Lucky Draw

-Deposit to get USDT airdrops per week

Trading Check-in

-Share $10,000 every Friday

Futures Expert Livestreaming

-Exchange trading skills

For more details on these events, please stay tuned to AscendEX’s announcements.

AscendEX Team

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