Dear users,

AscendEX has launched a new fiat wire transfer service: a digital form of asset transfers between an AscendEX account and a (domestic or international) bank account. The wire transfer currently supports deposits and withdrawals of USD. Please stay tuned for more fiat currencies such as EUR involved in the wire transfer process.

How do I use wire transfer?
For PC clients only: Navigating to the homepage – Invest – Buy Crypto – Wire Transfer or click My Wallet – Account Assets – Deposit/Withdraw – Cash

Please note:
1. Users must verify their identity to use the wire transfer service.
2. Users must ensure the bank account name corresponds to the name of the verified AscendEX account when using wire transfer.
3. The lower bound of withdrawals via wire transfer is 100 USD and each account has a daily withdrawal limit of 250,000 USD. 
4. Deposit via wire transfer has no limit.
5. A fee of 0-75 USD will be charged for each withdrawal via wire transfer by banks.
6. Up to five credit/debit cards can be linked to each account.
7. Users from the following areas of jurisdiction will not be able to use wire transfer: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Russia, Ethiopia, Mali, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Burundi, Congo, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Ivory Coast.

Learn more: FAQ for Fiat Withdrawal via Wire Transfer

【Risk Warning】Please carefully read the wire transfer service policy before using the service. The banks’ policy for the wire transfer of cryptocurrencies may cause potential issues to your bank accounts. AscendEX will offer only fiat exchange services for users, but not relative trading services.

Thank you for your continued support!

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