Dear Users, 

On December 11 at approximately 22:00 UTC, AscendEX identified a number of unauthorized transfers from one of our hot wallets. Our security protocols were promptly initiated and an investigation into the cause of the breach commenced immediately.

The lasting security of our customers’ assets will always be our priority. AscendEX is addressing this head on, working around the clock to ensure that we deliver fast, efficient resolutions and provide ongoing updates to our users. We are confident in our team worldwide, the resilience of our community, and the deep relationships we share within the industry.  

We are taking the following steps to address this situation: 

  1. AscendEX will fully reimburse all affected customers. Unimpacted assets have been transferred to our cold wallet for security as we continue to investigate.
  2. We are working with law enforcement and collaborating with leading blockchain forensic firms to track and monitor the transferred assets. We have also communicated with other exchanges to blacklist the wallets associated with the incident.
  3. We are working with all impacted projects to mitigate any potential damage to their communities and have encouraged impacted projects to freeze transfers, as contracts allow. Many projects are exploring the possibility of reissuing tokens to users.
  4. We have temporarily halted all deposits and withdrawals from the platform and are working diligently to restore this service gradually after it is completely safe and secure to do so. Following a thorough security review, we will reopen the platform and allow all users to transfer assets. Trading remains active and has not been halted. 

We truly appreciate your continued support. We will remain in regular communication with our users, projects, and other key members of the community to resolve this unfortunate situation and ensure an equitable solution for any impacted users.  

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Thank you, 
The AscendEX Team