1. ASD margin loan interest is calculated and updated on user’s account every hour, different from other margin loans’ settlement cycle.
  2. For the ASD available in the Margin Account, users can subscribe to ASD Investment Product on the user’s My Asset - ASD page. Daily return distribution will be posted to the user’s Margin Account.
  3. ASD Investment quota in Cash Account can be transferred to Margin Account directly. ASD Investment quota in the Margin Account can be used as collateral.
  4. 2.5% haircut will be applied for ASD Investment quota when used as collateral for margin trading. When ASD investment quota causes the Net Asset of Margin Account lower than Effective Minimum Margin, the system will reject the product subscription request.
  5. Forced liquidation priority: ASD Available prior to ASD Investment quota. When a margin call is triggered, forced liquidation of ASD investment quota will be executed and 2.5% commission fee will be applied.
  6. Reference Price of ASD forced liquidation= Average of ASD mid-price over the last 15 minutes. Mid-price = (Best Bid + Best Ask)/2
  7. Users are not allowed to short ASD if there is any ASD Investment quota in either Cash Account or Margin Account.
  8. Once there is ASD available from investment redemption in user’s account, the user can short ASD.
  9. Daily return distribution of ASD Investment Product will be posted to Margin Account. It will serve as repayment for any USDT loan at that time.
  10. ASD interests paid by borrowing ASD will be deemed as consumption.