AscendEX has launched a new tiered VIP fee & rebate structure. VIP tiers will have discounts set against base trading fees and are based on (i) trailing 30-day trade volume (across both asset classes) and (ii) trailing 30-day average unlock ASD holdings.


VIP tiers 0 through 7 will receive trading fee discounts based on trade volume OR ASD holdings. This structure will provide benefits of discounted rates across both high-volume traders that choose not to hold ASD, as well as ASD holders that might not trade enough to achieve favorable fee thresholds.

Top VIP tiers 8 through 10 will be eligible for the most favorable trading fee discounts and rebates based on trade volume AND ASD holdings. Top VIP tiers are therefore accessible only to clients that provide significant value-add to the AscendEX ecosystem as both high-volume traders AND ASD holders. 


  1. User’s trailing 30-day trade volume (in USDT) will be calculated every day at UTC 0:00 based on the daily average price of each trading pair in USDT.
  2. User’s trailing 30-day average unlock ASD holdings will be calculated every day at UTC 0:00 based on the user’s average holding period.
  3. Large Market Cap Assets: BTC, BNB, BCH, DASH, HT, ETH, ETC, EOS, LTC, TRX, XRP, OKB, NEO, ADA, LINK.
  4. Altcoins: all other tokens/coins except Large Market Cap Assets.
  5. Both Cash trading and Margin trading will be eligible for the new VIP fee & rebate structure.
  6. User’s unlock ASD holdings = Total Unlocked ASD in Cash & Margin accounts.

Application Process: eligible users can send email to with “request for VIP fee discount” as the subject line from their registered email on AscendEX. Also please attach screenshots of VIP levels and trading volume on other platforms.