Dear Users, 

To support the development of ECOMI (OMI), AscendEX has kicked off the ECOMI (OMI) Staking program, offering users a chance to earn interest by staking OMI, with an est. APR of 10%, alongside an opportunity to receive limited NFTs free of charge. See below for details:

PC Clients: Please click HERE to participate in OMI Staking
APP Clients: Please click “Staking” on the homepage to participate

Details on OMI Staking

Deposit TokenOMI
Reward TokenOMI
Est. APR10%
Minimum Deposit Amount30,000 OMI
Maximum Deposit AmountN/A
Minimum Staking PeriodStake and redeem anytime
Reward Calculation Starting TimeT+1 Days
Reward Distribution Starting TimeT+2 Days
Reward Distribution CycleDaily
Minimum Redemption Amount30,000 OMI
Regular Unbonding Period7 Days
Instant Unbonding (Real-time arrival)Supported
Instant Unbonding Fee3%
Compound ModeSupported
Staked Assets as Margin CollateralSupported

Limited-time Event: Stake OMI to Receive Limited NFTs Giveaway

Users who participate in OMI Staking and complete the NFT Giveaway tasks between 2:00 p.m., May 18 and 12:00 a.m. UTC, Jun. 1 will have a chance to win NFT awards. The more OMI tokens staked, the higher chance of winning increasingly rare NFTs.

Users with total net OMI staked amount (deposit amount – redemption amount) of at least 700,000 OMI after the event’s conclusion will be eligible to win NFTs.  Winners will be announced within 15 days after the event concludes. Additional NFTs will also be rewarded to winners based on total net OMI staked amount on AscendEX Earn platform. Final winners will be randomly selected. See below for details:

Deposit AmountRewards
≥700,000 OMI2 rare NFTs
≥3,000,000 OMI2 rare NFTs
≥6,000,000 OMI2 ultra-rare NFTs
≥15,000,000 OMI2 ultra-rare NFTs
≥30,000,000 OMI2 secret rare collectible NFTs

Only winners who complete the NFT Giveaway tasks and download as well as register on the Veve app will receive the NFT prize through their Veve app usernames/QR code upon the verification of their staking amount by AscendEX. The NFT rewards will be distributed to winners' Veve accounts within 15 days after the event's conclusion. 

AscendEX will strictly enforce all the related rules. Any participants found violating AscendEX’s rules, such as the use of duplicate or false accounts, will be removed from the event. AscendEX reserves the final rights to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

The AscendEX Team 

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