AscendEX supports staked assets as collateral for futures trading, allowing users to multiply their investment returns. The function has been enabled for 16 staked assets, and more are in the pipeline. You can follow the steps below to check the assets that are allowed to be used as collateral for futures trading.


How to Check? 

1)    Open the AscendEX App, click on “AscendEX Earn” in the middle of the homepage.


2)    On the “AscendEX Earn” page, click on “Staking”.

3)    Enter the “AscendEX Staking” page, click on “All” at the top right of the staked assets list. Select “For Futures Trading” in the dropdown menu.

4)    In the pop-up, select “For Futures Trading”.


5)    Check all the assets supported as collateral for futures trading on the staked assets list.


You can also view the details about each token supported as collateral for trading on “Collateral Info” page. Please note: the token displayed in the form of “-S” (such as BTC-S) means if users stake the token, the staked assets can be used as collateral for futures trading.