You can deposit digital assets from external platforms or wallets to AscendEX via a deposit address on the platform. How to find the address? 

1. Open AscendEX App and click on [Balance].


2. Click on [Deposit].


3. Select the token you want to deposit. Take USDT as an example:
       1. Select USDT
       2. Select Public Chain Type (fees are different for different chain type)
       3. Click [COPY ADDRESS] to copy the deposit address and paste it into the withdrawal address field on the
           external platform or wallet. You can also scan the QR Code to deposit



4.For some tokens, a Tag is required for deposit. In this case, please enter both the Tag and Deposit   Address when you deposit. Any missing info will lead to potential asset loss. Take a deposit of XRP as an example. Click on [Confirm] to proceed.


5. Copy both the Tag and Deposit Address and paste them into the withdrawal address field on the external platform or wallet.



6. Check the deposit under [History].



7. If you currently do not hold any digital assets, please visit on PC - [Fiat Payment] to purchase and start trading. For further details, please refer to to Implement Credit/Debit Card Payment Solution.