1.     Does a deposit or withdrawal require fees?

There are no fees for a deposit. However, users need to pay fees when withdrawing assets from AscendEX. The fees will reward miners or block nodes who confirm transactions. The fee of each transaction is subject to the real-time network status of different tokens. Please take note of the reminder on the withdrawal page.


2.     Is there a deposit limit?

Yes, there is. For specific digital assets, AscendEX sets the minimum deposit amount.  

Users need to make sure the deposit amount is higher than the minimum requirement. Users will see a popup reminder if the amount is lower than the requirement. Please note, a deposit with an amount lower than the requirement will never be credited even the deposit order shows a complete status.


3.     Is there a withdrawal limit?

Yes, there is. AscendEX sets the minimum withdrawal amount. Users need to make sure the withdrawal amount meets the requirement. The daily withdrawal quota is capped at 2 BTC for an unverified account. A verified account will have an enhanced withdrawal quota of 100 BTC.


4.     Is there a time limit for deposits and withdrawals?

No. Users can deposit and withdraw assets on AscendEX anytime. If the deposit and withdrawal functions are suspended because of block network breakdown, platform upgrade, etc., AscendEX will inform users via an official announcement.


5.     How soon will a withdrawal be credited to a target address?

The withdrawal process is as follows: Assets transfer out from AscendEX, block confirmation, and receiver accreditation. When users request a withdrawal, the withdrawal will be verified immediately on AscendEX. However, it will take a little longer to verify large-amount withdrawals. Then, the transaction will be confirmed on the blockchain. Users can check for the confirmation process on blockchain browsers of different tokens using the transaction ID. A withdrawal confirmed on the blockchain and credited to the receiver will be deemed as a complete withdrawal. Potential network congestion could extend the transaction process.

Please note, users can always turn to AscendEX customer support when having issues with deposits or withdrawals.


6.     Can I modify the address of an ongoing withdrawal?

No. AscendEX strongly suggests that users should make sure the withdrawal address is correct by the copy-paste clicks or scanning the QR code.


7.     Can I cancel an ongoing withdrawal?

No. Users cannot cancel a withdrawal request once they issue the request. Users need to check the withdrawal information carefully, such as an address, tag, etc. in case of asset loss. 


8.     Can I withdraw assets to several addresses through one withdrawal order?

No. Users can only transfer assets from AscendEX to one address via one withdrawal order. To transfer assets to several addresses, users need to issue separate requests.


9.     Can I transfer assets to a smart contract on AscendEX?

Yes. AscendEX withdrawal supports a transfer to smart contracts.


10.  Does an asset transfer among AscendEX accounts require fees?

No. The AscendEX system can automatically distinguish the internal addresses out and charges no fees for assets transfers among those addresses.