VIP Privileges

15 Premier Privileges Exclusively for Global VIP Accounts

VIP Criteria

Meet any of the following conditions to become a VIP to unlock the exclusive privileges
  • Holding Size

    Total Holdings≥100,000 USDT

  • Trading Volume

    Monthly Cash Trading Volume ≥ 5 million USDT

    or Monthly Futures Trading Volume≥ 20 million USDT

  • VIPs of Other Exchanges

    Apply for an AscendEX VIP with a VIP snapshot on other platforms

Core Privileges of VIPs

  • Exclusive Fee Rates

    9 VIP levels based on trading volume: more trades, lower fees

    VIPs with a holding size of at least 100,000 USDT can apply for the VIP level 3 fee structure for cash trading and the VIP level 1 fee structure for futures trading.

    View details on VIP trading fees

  • Exclusive Margin Loans

    Access to the daily interest rate provided by Point Cards (a 50% discount on regular lending rate)

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  • Exclusive withdrawal limit

    A fast pass for the withdrawals exclusively for users with VIP

    Increase the 24h withdrawal limit by 2-5X

  • Priority Access to Primary Listing Projects

    VIP with a big holding size or trading volume can

    apply for priority access to primary listing projects

  • Exclusive Investments

    Exclusive investments are offered to satisfy the investment

    needs of VIPs (7%-30% APY)

  • Exclusive Access to KA manager & VIP customer services

    Each VIP is serviced by an exclusive KA Manager

    One-on-one and around-the-clock tailored customer service

  • Exclusive Technical Support

    24/7 technical support, exclusive colocation service,

    synchronization of historical market data and more.

  • VIP Referral Rewards

    Refer friends to open VIP accounts and earn cash rewards in USDT

    The higher the level the referee is, the larger the referral rewards will be

Value-added Privileges for VIPs

  • New Product Experience

    Priority access to AscendEX’s new offerings

  • High-Quality Meetups

    Exclusive high-quality meetups attended by industry leaders

  • CEO Banquets

    AscendEX’s CEO shares about the platform’s dynamics and answers questions from VIPs in person.

  • Opportunities to Invest in Popular Projects

    Chief analysts and industry leaders are invited to share their views during the conferences held for popular projects

  • Exclusive Birthday Gifts

    Birthday gifts exclusively for VIP holders

  • Exclusive Holiday Gifts

    Holiday gifts exclusively for VIP holders

  • Exclusive Swag

    AscendEX offers tailored gift boxes, swag, souvenirs and more for VIP holders

  • More Privileges Coming Soon…

Application Process