Ticker: DINGO


Dingocoin is a very currency, and a community-driven project. Dingocoin is nearing one million users as it approaches its 3rd anniversary in April 2024. Dingocoin is a cryptocurrency made for effortless payments, that holds sacred the original Satoshi vision of decentralized payments. Created in parody of Dogecoin for absolutely everyone, based on the wild Australian dingo. 

In its first three years, Dingocoin has achieved success as a Proof of Work coin with nearly 1 million unique non-custodial mobile wallet users using Flip ( https://theflip.app/ ), our unique web wallet and other wallets, more than 250,000 unique users hodl 1,000 Dingocoin or more, a strong community across Discord, Telegram and Twitter, an ecosystem of partners including leading exchanges and mobile payment apps and with the Dingocoin Mainnet established among the most secure and active blockchains in the cryptoverse.


Total Supply (Qty)107,486,378,750 DINGO  
Blockchain Support(Dingocoin)https://explorer.dingocoin.com/ 
Official Websitehttps://dingocoin.com/ 

Trade on AscendEX: https://ascendex.com/en/cashtrade-spottrading/usdt/dingo  
Deposit on AscendEX: https://ascendex.com/en/assets/assets-recharge/DINGO