AscendEX futures has launched the hedge mode function. You can use it by taking the following steps:


1.Visit AscendEX’s official website and enter the futures page. Click One-Way Mode in the trading area on the right side of the page.

2. Click Hedge Mode > Apply in the pop-out window to set the mode of holding positions in both long and short directions.

3. Please note that hedge mode supports both cross-asset margin and isolated margin modes. Please pay attention to the margin mode of your current futures positions before switching to the Hedge mode. Switching between cross-asset and isolated margin modes is not available for open positions or pending orders.

4. After switching to hedge mode, you can select different order types for one trading pair and enter the Buy/Sell amount, price, etc. according to the order type to close/place positions. (Note: In hedge mode, reduce-only orders will be executed by default when you close positions.)

5. Now you can hold both long and short positions for one futures trading pair.