Project Name: Pollen DeFi (PLN)

Introduction: Pollen is a fully decentralized asset management platform which leverages the collective intelligence of its community.


SectorDeFi 2.0
Price per Token at Listing ($)$0.85
Total Token Supply (Qty)200,000,000 PLN
Circulating Token Supply at Listing (Qty)2,437,635.92 PLN
Blockchain Support ( Avalanche C-Chain)
Official Website

Trade on AscendEX:

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Token Distribution:

Token Vesting Schedule:

Team0% TGE, 5% on each of TGE + 3 months, 6 months & 9 months, balance linear from months 10 to 36.
Private sale tier 1 (2.5% total tokens)0% TGE, linear over 18 months
Private sale tier 2 (2.42%)5% TGE, balance linear over 12 months
Private sale tier 3 (2.26%)7.5% TGE, balance linear over 10 months
Private sale tier 4 (1.10%)10% TGE, balance linear over 10 months
Community0% TGE (none in issue), issued Month 1, linear unlock months 1 to 4
Market Maker100% TGE
Operational Reserve0% TGE (none in issue), lock-up on issue depends on purpose
Governance Rewards0% TGE (none in issue), immediate unlock upon issue, variable issue rate depending on user success, maximum issue 1.59% total token supply in months 1 to 4, 1.06% month 5 onwards