Dear Users, 

Following the December 11 security breach, we are pleased to share an update to our targeted deposit and withdrawal open time. 

AscendEX plans to resume deposit and withdrawal service at approximately 3:00 AM UTC, Dec. 16th / 10:00 PM EST on Dec. 15.  

Deposit and withdrawals services will begin with Ethereum and we will gradually resume services for other assets to ensure a smooth reopening of the platform. Any user that wishes to withdraw their assets will be permitted to do so once withdrawals reopen for the particular coin or token. As a reminder, trading, staking, and yield farming services have not been impacted by this security incident and remain active. 

All transfers that were made to and from AscendEX during halted services will be processed beginning at 3:00 AM UTC, Dec. 16th / 10:00 PM EST on Dec. 15. 

IMPORTANT NOTEWe have deployed a completely new hot wallet infrastructure, meaning no single aspect of our legacy technology or hardware was reused. Accordingly, each account has been assigned NEW deposit addresses for each network. Deposits must be made to newly assigned addresses in order to be credited. 

AscendEX is exceptionally grateful for its community during this time and remains committed to building back trust in our platform and in our services. As such, any impacted customers have been 100% reimbursed for any losses incurred from this security incident. 

Please find the AscendEX post-mortem security report here:

As the investigation continues, we will remain in frequent communication with our users, projects, and other key members of the community to resolve this situation and ensure timely, equitable solutions for any impacted users.  

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Thank you, 

The AscendEX Team