Dear AscendEX Users,

At around 22:00 UTC on Dec  11, 2021, AscendEX’s internal security audit report identified that a number of ERC-20, BSC, and Polygon tokens were transferred out of the exchange’s hot wallets. These assets constituted  a relatively small percentage of total exchange holdings.  AscendEX cold wallets are unaffected by this incident.

Our security teams are conducting a thorough review of the incident and we will keep users updated once all facts  have been confirmed.  Our commitment to our users remains our number one priority and if any user’s funds are affected by the incident, they will be covered completely by AscendEX.

To ensure the security of users’ assets, we will conduct a thorough security review. We have temporarily disabled deposits and withdrawals as a precautionary measure. We will restore the service gradually after ensuring a safe state.

With transparency being one of our platform’s core values, we will continue providing periodic updates to our community via our help center and social media channels.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support.

The AscendEX Team