Project: Kin

Token: KIN



Kin is the easiest and fastest path for developers to build innovative cryptocurrency-based user experiences that result in greater engagement, and shared economic benefits. End-users can download a variety of mobile Apps and experience Kin.

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 (10 Trillion) KIN

Current Circulating Supply: 1,605,134,212,42 KIN

Offering Price: $0.000120

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Token Distribution

Token Sale (Private, Public Sale Sum): 10%

Foundation (Kin Rewards Engine, Development): 60%

Kik Interactive: 30% (Original Team and Development)

Token Vesting Schedule

Token Sale:

● Private Sale: 50% lockup for 1 year

● Public Sale: No lock up

Kin Foundation:

● 20% of Reserve supply unlocked per year with no carryover for available distribution through the Kin Rewards Engine

● Unallocated tokens are rolled back into the total Reserve supply.

● Vesting Formula: (Annual Allocation =(Opening Kin Reserves Balance for Year) x (20%))

● Details are provided in the May 2020 transparency report (

● The Foundation is a not-for-profit entity and must apply the reserve in accordance with page 21 of the Whitepaper (for the benefit of the ecosystem participants).

Kik Interactive, Inc.:

●10% unlocked per quarter for 10 quarters.

● 45 days notice to the SEC prior to any token movement.

● To date, Kik has never transferred or sold any of its Kin.