Project: OIN Finance

Token: OIN



The OIN ecosystem is built upon the second layer of OINChain, giving it crosschain capabilities and access to various public chains. This provides a powerful tool that will serve as the basis for building out a strong foundation. Based on Ontology’s network, our platform first connects with the Ontology ecosystem to give rise to our initial platform: OIN-Swap, OIN-Wallet, OINDAO, USDO stable coin and OIN-Lend. The initial platform will shortly after be given a massive increase in accessibility through our bridge technology, opening up the other public chains such as the Ethereum network.

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 6,750,000

Initial Offering Price: 0.08 USDT

Official Website:






Token Distribution:

15% for fundraising, hiring, and project development

50% for mining rewards, including liquidity mining, and staking

15% for team incentives

10% for Foundation Reserve for partnerships and community incentives

5% for ecosystem expansion & exchange listing

2% for advisors

3% for marketing