Project: Decentr

Token: DEC



Decentr is building foundational Web 3.0 technology (web browser and platform) that gives data economic value, which securely underpins a host of native DeFi features we are developing, as well as allowing us to port these features across the blockchain clients we are building with, including Ethereum, Holochain, Tomochain and more.  

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DEC

Circulating Supply: 61,500,000 DEC

Seed Price: $0.01

Private Price: $0.0141 - $0.02

Public Price: $0.022 - $0.03

Official Website:







Token Distribution

Token Sale 7.4%

Team 10%

Partners and Advisors 10%

Foundation 32.6%

Ecosystem Reserve 40%


Token Vesting Schedule

Seed - 50% unlocked remaining 50% locked for 3 months.

Private - Fully Unlocked

Public - Fully Unlocked

Team – Locked for one year vested for 10 months

Partners & Advisors – Locked for 6 months vested for 10 months

Foundation – Locked for 6 months 1% released monthly starting in Jan 2021

Ecosystem Reserve – Never Sold on the open market. Underwrites the deconomy