Project: OptionRoom

Token: ROOM



OptionRoom is a user-governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot. OptionRoom has the ability to serve as a OaaS — Oracle as a Service where oracle requests are solved by governance. Oracle requests cost a fee and a solution incentive paid in ROOM, rewarded to request solvers. OptionRoom allows users to create and participate in event derivatives that are pegged to real-world outcomes by governance consensus. OptionRoom’s mission is to create a self-reliant protocol with multiple use cases powered by the community. By rewarding honest protocol participants and punishing bad actors OptionRoom aims to create a governance that is pegged to the real world without relying on outside data streams.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 ROOM

Initial Circulating Supply: 9,200,000 ROOM

Offering Price: $0.05

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer:





Token Distribution

Seed: 11%

Private: 20%

Public: 2%

Protocol rewards:38%

Team: 10%

Foundation: 14.67%

Liquidity: 4.33%


Token Vesting Schedule

Seed: 20% on listing, 0% month 2 then 0.25% daily starting from month 3

Private: 20% on listing, 0% month 2 then 0.5% per day starting from month 3

Public: 100% on listing 

Protocol rewards: Starting on protocol launch distributed over 2+ years

Team: 1 year cliff with 1 year vesting thereafter

Foundation: 1 year cliff with 1 year vesting thereafter

Liquidity: $300K total Uniswap liquidity locked 1 year*