Project: ZeroSwap

Token: ZEE 



ZeroSwap is an on-chain DEX aggregator protocol, it would allow users to trade on multi chains like ethereum and binance smart chain on one UI with zero-fee and gasless transactions. The protocol will reward users every time they make an on-chain trade and provide liquidity to existing DEXes. Core Utilities of Zeroswap are Liquidity Mining, Zeedo - Zee Dex Offering, and DEX Aggregation.

Partnerships: We are currently partnered with Covalent, Elrond, DiaData and Frontier


Total Supply: 100,000,000 ZEE

Initial Circulating Supply: 17,550,000 ZEE

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer:

Binance Smart Chain(BSC):




Token Distribution

Seed - 10,000,000 ZEE, 10% of total supply, 0.035 USD/ZEE

Private Sale 1 - 20,000,000 ZEE, 20% of total  supply, 0.064 USD/ZEE

Private Sale 2 - 5,000,000 ZEE, 5% of total supply, 0.091 USD/ZEE

Transaction Fee Mining - 12.50% of the total supply

Liquidity mining - 14% of the total supply

Ecosystem - 17.5% of the total supply

Marketing - 10% of the total supply

Team - 10% of the total supply

Dex Liquidity - 1% of the total supply


Token Vesting Schedule 

Seed Vesting - 33% released at TGE, 33% after 4 months of listing, 33% after 12 months of listing

Private 1 and 2 - 45% released at TGE, 25% released after 4 months of listing, 30% released after 8 months of listing

Team Vesting - 4 years, with the 1-year cliff, and then linearly vested for 4 years.