Dear AscendEX users,

In order to provide you with a more fluid and easy-to-use trading experience, AscendEX has upgraded the professional trading interfaces of its website. Check it out!


Upgrade Details Include:

1.On AscendEX Pro, the window for placing an order has moved to the right side of the interface to ensure a more consistent layout for spot and futures trading and cater to the operating habits of users. Users are now able to customize their trading interfaces for a best-fitting trading layout by simply dragging and zooming in or out, which is applicable to candlestick charts, open orders, transaction history, open interests, and more.



2.The window for “Asset Transfer” at the trading interface is optimized, supporting transfers among the cash account, margin account, and futures account.



3.Users will be able to switch between the “Night” and the “Day” mode as needed.



4.We have added “One-click Order Placing” (“Market Order” by default) and “Order Placing by Amount” (Orders are instantly filled by the amount entered) .



5.The portals for “Futures Information” and “Futures Bonus Credits” have been added at the futures trading page, offering users quick access to margin details, funding rates, and other key information while performing futures trades, providing chances to claim futures bonus credits once they complete the futures tasks.



Users who open a futures account are eligible to receive 5 USDT as a reward. Those who execute futures trades after depositing to their futures accounts will be offered 220 USDT futures bonus credits, which can be used as collaterals to open a position while enjoying a 50% reduction in trading fees.



Thank you for your continued support!


The AscendEX Team


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