Weekly Roundup

Our One-minute Digest

Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2021


Platform Update

  • Currently listed a total of 165 tokens with the product offering of BTMX investment Multiple Card, Airdrop Multiple Card, Staking Service, BTMX Investment, etc., for potentially higher rewards.
  • listed stablecoin xDai (XDAI) under the trading pair of XDAI/USDT.xDai is a stable token used for transactions. It is bridged from Dai to the xDai chain and used on the xDai chain for payments and gas fees. 1 xDai = 1 Dai (and 1 Dai = approximately 1 USD)




Activities in the Spotlight

  • NORD limit-time promotions: retweet event poster, participate in NORD pre-staking, make a trade, and deposit for your share of 30,000 USDT in token rewards.
  • provides technology and execution support for the 7th round auction of UAT Pending Release from presale portion (public sale and private sale) from Feb 3, 10:00 p.m. EST to Feb 7, 10:00 p.m. EST.
  • supports 3X margin trading for RUNE under the trading pairs of RUNE/USDT.

       Daily Rate: 0.09%; Daily Rate - Paid by Points: 0.045%



BitMax Ecosystem

  • Distribution Pool:2,796,913 USDT
  • BTMX surged 10 percent this week.
  • Total Est. Daily Profit/1MM BTMX This Week: 205 USDT
  • Diverse global communities with 73,266 users from Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Italy, Japan, Spain, etc., up by 354 over last week.



DeFi Project Highlights

  • Router (ROUTE): 2-month pre-staking program with a great chance to earn Est. 81% APR.


The Insolar (XNS) Pre-Staking program concluded at 11:00 a.m. EST on Feb 1. Staking assets in the XNS Pre-Staking are already unstacked and returned to users' cash accounts without any commission fee charged. The distribution of all staking rewards for the duration of the program is already completed.


DeFi Yield Farming Strategies & Est Annualized Yield

  • Curve - USDT:85%
  • HARD - USDX:68%
  • DMM: Governance - USDT:39%
  • HARD - HARD:04%


Learn with Us - How to Be a Trader on BitMax?

  1. Users can apply to be a trader on BitMax by following these steps:
  • Complete KYC 1 Verification
  • Go to [Account] - [Copy Trading] - [Follow Me Trade]
  • Click on [Trader Application] to submit your info and wait for review.
  • The review will be completed within 1-3 business days.


  1. Users who have subscribed to other traders CANNOT apply to be a trader.


  1. Trader's Nickname and Profile can be updated only ONCE within 30 days. Updates will be subject to platform review and take effect upon approval.


  1. After a trader's application is approved, the trader will be able to set a subscription fee via [Account] - [Copy Trading] - [ Follow Me Trade]. Each term of subscription runs for one calendar month. The minimum subscription fee is set at 5 USDT/Month.


  1. Traders can enable or disable the Subscription function at any time. When traders choose to disable the function, users will not be able to subscribe to them.