Our One-minute Digest

Feb 13 – Feb 19, 2021


Platform Update

  • Currently listed a total of 168 tokens with the product offering BTMX investment Multiple Card, Airdrop Multiple Card, Staking Service, BTMX Investment, etc., for potentially higher rewards.
  • BitMax.io listed Seascape Network (CWS) under the trading pair of CWS/USDT. Seascape Network aims to create an innovative game platform centered around the DeFi and NFT economy. Crowns (CWS) is the lifeblood of the Seascape Network. It is designed to reward users for purchasing, staking, and trading Seascape NFTs.
  • BitMax.io listed MahaDAO (MAHA) under the trading pair of MAHA/USDT. MAHA is a governance token within the ARTH ecosystem that enables community members to vote on saving rates, stability fees, strategies, and future actions.
  • BitMax.io listed ARTH under the trading pair of ARTH/USDT. ARTH is a decentralized algorithmic currency that aims to fight depreciation. Irrespective of which direction the market moves, ARTH coin holders will never lose their buying power.







Activities in the Spotlight

  • Trade to Win Mystery Prizes for 2021: users must complete the account verification and trade a total volume of more than 10,000 USDT to win various prizes, including upcoming BitMax auction tranches, airdrop rewards, Point Cards, Futures Tryout Bonus, Airdrop Multiple Cards, iPhone 12 Pro Max, limited-edition hoodies, etc.
  • MahaDAO limit-time promotions: deposit or trade MAHA for a chance to share 14,000 USDT in tokens & submit the activity form to receive exclusive rewards to Airdrop Multiple Card holders.


BitMax Ecosystem

  • Distribution Pool:3,298,104 USDT
  • BTMX surged 27% this week.
  • Total Est. Daily Profit/1MM BTMX The Last Week: 259 USDT
  • Diverse global communities with 73,847 users from Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Italy, Japan, Spain, etc., up by 581 over last week.



DeFi Project Highlights

  • Router (ROUTE): 2-month pre-staking program with a great chance to earn EST. 20% APR.
  • ZeroSwap (ZEE): regular unbonding period adjusted to 7 days, and instant unbonding fee is adjusted to 1.5%.


DeFi Yield Farming Strategies & Est Annualized Yield

  • Curve - USDT:22%
  • HARD - USDX:68%
  • HARD - HARD:41%


Learn with Us -  How to Unstake and Stop Staking?

  1. You can unstake tokens via bitmax.io – [Investment Product] – [Recommendation] – [My Staking]. Or you can unstake via bitmax.io – [My Asset] – [Cash Account] –[Undelegate].
  2. For example, visit [My Staking] page and click on [Undelegate] under the staked token.
  3. On the Undelegation page,

1) Choose to unstake via [Regular Undelegation] or [Instant Unbonding].

2) Enter an undelegation amount.

3) Click on [Confirm].


Regular Undelegation: Regular Undelegation requires an unbonding period overtime before assets can be fully unlocked, depending on the corresponding project's staking mechanism. During this unbonding period, staked assets are still in the "undelegation" process, which will be shown on the "My Staking" page. Assets in "undelegation" process are not available for use.


Instant Unbonding: if you choose to unstake via Instant Unbonding, assets can be redeemed instantly without the need to wait for the lengthy unbonding period. BitMax.io provides the service to address the liquidity issue of staking with an extra fee.