Prom is a gaming NFT marketplace & rental. Completely decentralized, confidential, and safe, it meets the needs of players, metaverse-enthusiasts, NFT owners, guilds, and games. In a word, our project boldly aims to establish a sound future for the whole industry.
To stay secure and efficient, we explore the potential of NFT gaming, work with experts, and experiment with promising tools. As a result, we already have designed a unique ecosystem that is fit for lending, renting, and spotlessly exchanging ideas. To get convinced, check some of our features.

- Rent gaming assets without any collateral or lend out your assets to other players to make an additional profit.
- Purchase any NFT in monthly installments, get a mortgage or leasing for lands and spaces in the metaverses.
- Trade and exchange NFT assets from various games in a unified interface and access internal gaming marketplaces across multiple games.
- Easily manage NFT assets across all the platforms and view statistics.

Total Supply:20,000,000
Initial Circulation:2,450,000
Offering price:$1
Official Website:
Blockchain Explorer:

Token Distribution
Public Sale: 4.25%
Private Sale: 20%
Community/Minting: 45%
Team and Advisors: 5%
Company Reserve: 15%
Liquidity Pool: 5.75%
Ecosystem: 5%
Public Sale: no lock-up
Private Sale: 40% at listing, 60% of tokens are locked for 6m, then vesting 10% per month 
Community/Minting: Tokens will be fully minted during 5 year period
Team and Advisors: 100% of tokens are locked for 12 months after TGE, then vesting 3% per month
Company Reserve: 100% of tokens are locked for 12 months after TGE, then vesting 3% per month
Liquidity Pool: Available after TGE
Release schedule: 25% after TGE, then 25% per 6 months