Project: Akropolis Delphi 

Token: ADEL




ADEL is A Non-Sale Product Governance Token for Delphi, a DeFi yield farming aggregator developed by Akropolis team that offers synthetic savings and high yield “accounts”. ADEL can only be earnt through liquidity provision of stablecoins, AKRO and other selected tokens and active governance participation.


Total Supply:60,000,000

Circulating Supply:2,709,998 (as of 2020.02.09 )

Official Website:





Token Distribution and Vesting Schedule

Liquidity Mining: 57,000,000 ADEL, 95% of Total Supply, release for 6 months starting

Development, Maintenance and Audit: 3,000,000 ADEL, 5% of Total Supply, locked for 3 months, 3 months vesting thereafter