Project: Geeq

Token: GEEQ


Project Introduction

Geeq is based on a new blockchain consensus protocol called Proof of Honesty(PoH). PoH empowers users who hold tokens on the platform to determine for themselves whether the network of validating nodes is behaving honestly. This allows Geeq to provide 99% Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) while delivering rapid transaction finality at extremely low transactions cost.


Total Supply: 100,000,000

Current Circulating Supply: 1,570,000

Offering Price: 0.25 USD

Official Website:

White Paper:

Block Explorer: 



Token Distribution

Unissued Supply 59.38%

Pre-Round 2.22%

Unlocked-Round 0.4%

Customer Acquisition 3%

Marketing 9%

Founders 7%

Advisors 5%

Team 11%

Floating Liquidity 2%

Hybrid Seed Round 1%