Project: Wootrade

Token: WOO



Wootrade is a layer one trading infrastructure with deep liquidity, frontend trading GUI, and the ability to integrate into any exchange, trading desk, wallet, dApp, or other trading-related platform. It is incubated by the top quantitative fund Kronos Research, which aims to solve the pain points of the diversified liquidity of the cryptocurrency market, and provides sufficient trading depth for users such as exchanges, wallets, and trading institutions with zero fees. Wootrade received investment from many famous institutions including Dragonfly Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Fenbushi Capital, and Hashkey Capital, etc.


Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 WOO

Circulating Supply: 113,257,455 WOO

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer:





Token Distribution

Ecosystem: 50%

Team: 20%

Token sale: 20%

  • Seed Round Price: 0.01 USDT
  • Private Round Price: 0.02 USDT
  • Public Round Price: 0.03 USDT

Advisor: 5%

Liquidity management: 5%


Token Vesting Schedule

Seed investors will be released linearly within 24 months;

Private sale investors will be released linearly within 6 months;

Public Sale investors are 100% unlocked;

Team will be released linearly within 42 months after 6 months of launch.