Project: Linear Finance

Token: LINA



Linear Finance (“Linear”) is a non-custodial, cross-chain compatible, delta-one asset protocol. Linear’s long term DeFi vision is to increase inclusiveness and democratize access to investment assets (digital and traditional). Tremendous value exists in the ability for investors to easily and quickly invest, save fees, and secure assets at fair market value. Linear combines substantial technical experience from numerous crypto projects with extensive financial experience in exotic and structured assets from traditional global asset management firms to bring to market one of the first DeFi projects built upon Ethereum with

cross-chain compatibility. Linear will allow users to build and manage spot or portfolio exposures with a slew of innovative digital and traditional financial products. Linear is backed by our ETH-based Linear Token (LINA) with synthetic assets built on other EVM compatible chains first and other prominent blockchains in the long run, making the staking, investing, and redemption process easier, quicker and with substantially lower transaction fees whilst maintaining access to the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. Linear is a non-custodial cross-chain compatible DeFi protocol with unlimited liquidity and serves in the creation of synthetic assets (Liquids) with zero slippage. The backbone to Linear’s protocol is our collateralized debt pool, backed by our Linear token (LINA), and eventually other digital and real assets. Users who have provided collateralized assets to the debt pool are able to “build” Linear USD (ℓUSD) which can then be used to purchase synthetic assets (Linear Liquids) on our exchange. The collateralized assets are subsequently pooled to enable instantaneous liquidity and serve as a counterparty. LINA will also be a governance token enabling holders to vote on distribution models, assets to be listed, oracle selection, pledge ratio etc. LINA holders within the debt pool will obtain pro-rata fees from the synthetization of assets.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 LINA

Current Circulating Supply: 257,666,666 LINA

Private Round 1 Price: $0.002 (vested over 12 months; at listing 70,000,000 is released followed by daily vesting of remaining tokens)

Private Round 2 Price: $0.003 (vested over 6 months; at listing 53,000,000 is released followed by daily vesting of remaining tokens)

Private Round 3 Price: $0.0035 (vested over 6 months; at listing 16,000,000 is released followed by daily vesting of remaining tokens)

Public Round 1 Price: $0.004

Public Round 2 Price: $0.0045


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Token Distribution

Seed Round - 2.4%

Private Round - 7.0%

Public - 0.6%

Team - 10%

Advisor - 5%

Liquidity - 5%

Ecosystem - 10%

Community - 5%

Reserve - 15%

Staking Reward - 40%