Project: Divi

Token: DIVI


Divi’s primary slogan is “Crypto Made Easy” and is focused on building the world’s most user-friendly ecosystem that takes a multi-currency approach, mixing DIVI, other cryptos, and fiat currency into a single platform. 


Our aim is to make DIVI easy to get and use on a variety of other platforms, such as wrapped versions of DIVI on other blockchains, inclusion in other wallets, and as many onramps and apps as possible. It also has a long-term goal of driving fees to close to zero for sending, exchanging, or storing cryptos.


Divi is the inventor of the multi-tiered Masternode network, as well as a weekly “lottery block” technology.  Together with staking, its tokenomics provide three ways for coin holders to earn more DIVI when supporting the network. 


As (currently) the only crypto to also own its own fintech (Ridivi) the company is on its way to achieving its goal to drive scarcity for its coin by putting easy access to crypto in the hands of everyone in the world with a cell phone. Currently it’s various sub-teams, partners and communities are building a variety of use cases such as gaming, a digital nomad space, media/entertainment, merchant solutions, and DeFi applications as it leads the way into the coming age of cryptocurrency mass adoption.


The product-focused team is led by Geoff McCabe, a physicist with over thirty years experience building startups in a variety of markets, and backed by a C-suite of executives with an average experience of over twenty-five years.


Current Supply: 1,901,697,336 DIVI

Initial Circulating Supply: 617,160,700 DIVI

Offering Price: $0.0057

Official Website:






Token Distribution

91% - Token buyers

4.5% - Founders

4.5% - Divi Foundation


Token Vesting Schedule

2 Year lock-up for Founders