Project: Zignaly

Token: ZIG



Zignaly is a social investment platform, giving users access to wealth management tools and making it easier for them to invest into cryptocurrencies. Our utility token ZIG is the gateway to our NFT insurance protocol which will allow users to insure their investments, making it safer to invest with Zignaly compared to any other social investment platform.


Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 ZIG

Initial Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 ZIG

Private Sale Price:$0.012

Official Website:

Blockchain Explorer:





Token Distribution

Total Private Sale: 12.5%

Advisor Allocation: 3.25%

Liquidity Program: 12%

Future Campaigns & Community: 5%

Zignaly Reserves: 25%

Partnerships: 10%

Expert Trader Incentive: 5%

Founders Portion: 27.25%


Token Vesting Schedule

Private sale : 30% unlock on first CEX listing, 30% after 3 months and 40% after 6 months.

Advisor tokens are locked in two manners: 

a) for some it's on the same terms as private sale.

b) for the most long-term advisors, it is locked for 2 months post first CEX listing and then equal distribution for 10 months

Founders: Locked for 6 months, equal distribution for 30 months after that.