Project: MahaDAO

Token: MAHA



MAHA is a governance token that empowers the token holders to vote on savings rates, stability fees, direction, strategy and future course of action for the ARTH coin.


The MAHA tokens help keep the ARTH coin completely decentralised.


Total Supply: 10,000,000 MAHA

Circulating Supply: 800,000 MAHA

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Token Distribution

Seed Sale: 500,000 MAHA, 5% of Total Supply, $0.25 per token

Private Sale: 1,500,000 MAHA, 15% of Total Supply, $0.5 per token

Team members and future employees: 700,000 MAHA, 7% of Total Supply

Advisors: 300,000 MAHA, 3% of Total Supply

MahaDAO community members: 7,000,000 MAHA, 70% of Total Supply


At the end of the 10th year, there is a perpetual inflation rate of 2% or 200,000 MAHA tokens per year, where active community members that consistently participate and contribute to the MahaDAO ecosystem are favourably rewarded.


Token Vesting Schedule

Seed Sale: Monthly vesting equally distributed over 12 months

Private Sale: 20% upfront tokens on day 0 (December 17, 2020). (Token Generation Event) for private. Rest will be vesting evenly across 11 months, starting from the 2nd month (January 2020)

Team: Vesting over 4 years. Unlock starts from 2nd year (January 2021)