Project: e-Money

Token: NGM



e-Money is the leading issuer of transparent, interest-bearing, currency-backed stablecoins for the Internet of Money.

The NGM token can be used to pay for transaction execution and, as a staking token, to earn proportional staking rewards in the form of NGM inflation and transaction fees.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 NGM

Initial Circulating Supply: 2,670,000 NGM

Offering Price: $0.50

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer:




Token Distribution

Seed round: 2.3%

Private sale: 6.3%

Public sale: 0.3%

Team members individually: 0%

Company treasury*: 60% (* used to support future development)

Ecosystem fund: 10%

Customer acquisition: 8.3%


Token Vesting Schedule 

Seed round: 0% unlocked, 1 year vesting

Private sale: 20% unlocked, 6 month vesting

Public sale: 100% unlocked

Team members individually: N/A

Company treasury: 0% unlocked, 3 year vesting

Ecosystem fund: 11% unlocked, 3 year vesting

Customer acquisition: 0% unlocked, 2 year vesting