Project: UNION

Token: UNN



UNION is a technology platform that combines bundled protection and a liquid secondary market with a multi-token model. DeFi participants manage their multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system. UNION decreases the barriers to entry for retail users and lays the foundation for institutional investors.


UNION’s token model is architected for success and scale using a multi-tier model with clear separation of function for each token:

1. UNN, the governance token

2. uUNN the protection policy token

3. pUNN the protection pool token


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 UNN

Initial Circulating Supply: 500,000,000 UNN

Offering Price: $0.035

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Token Distribution

Seed LAFTS: 100,000,000 UNN, 10% of Total Supply

Private LAFTS: 250,000,000 UNN, 25% of Total Supply

UNN Geyser: 50,000,000 UNN, 5% of Total Supply

Team & Advisors: 200,000,000 UNN, 20% of Total Supply

Treasury: 100,000,000 UNN, 10% of Total Supply

Network/Ecosystem: 300,000,000 UNN, 30% of Total Supply


Token Vesting Schedule

UNN Tokens have no locks. The Union Core team has entered into a Voluntary Six-Month lock, that started on 17 December 2020.

Union Advisors are on two-year vesting / grant schedules, with monthly distributions.