Project: Polkalokr

Token: LKR



The first all-in-one, multi-chain token locking & escrow platform with built-in privacy.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 LKR

Initial Circulating Supply: 11,688,883 LKR

Offering Price: $0.05

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer:







Token Distribution

Private Sale: 20%

Public Sale: 3%

Liquidity: 2%

Team: 6%

Marketing: 13%

Rewards: 25%

Development: 7%

Project Reserve: 8%

Partnerships: 9%

Advisors: 7%


Token Vesting Schedule

Private Sale: 40% unlocked at TGE. Weekly vesting for 6 months after 30 days

Public Sale: 100% unlocked at TGE

Liquidity: 100% unlocked at TGE

Team: 6-month lock. Monthly vesting for 36 months

Marketing: 3-month lock. Monthly vesting for 24 months

Staking Rewards: 6-month lock. 5 distributions over 3 years

Development: 2-month lock. Monthly vesting for 24 months

Reserve: 9-month lock. Monthly vesting over 60 months

Strategic Partnerships: 6-month lock. Monthly vesting over 12 months

Advisors: 6-month lock. Monthly vesting over 24 months