Project: Unmarshal

Token: MARSH



Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi network of indexers that provides seamless access to Blockchain data for DeFi applications. We provide rich, meaningful, and reliable access to data through our decentralized network nodes.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 MARSH

Initial Circulating Supply: 6,890,000 MARSH

Offering Price: $0.17

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Blockchain Explorer:


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Token Distribution

Seed: 5%

Private Sale: 13%,

Public Sale: 1.20%

Staking Rewards: 20%

Ecosystem: 24%

Marketing: 6.8%

Reserves: 10%

Team: 20%


Token Vesting Schedule

Private and Seed token will have 4 months cliff after TGE followed by a linear release over the next 9 months

Ecosystem: 10% release at TGE followed by linear release for 36 months

Marketing and reserves: 5 % at TGE followed by linear release over 25 months

Team allocation: first 10% after 8 months  of TGE followed by 14 months liner release