1. Visit AscendEX.com – [Investment Product] – [Recommendation] – [My Staking].



2. Click on [Transfer] under the staked token.



3. On the [Account Transfer] page:

A. Select the token that represents your staked assets. For example, ASD-S will be used to represent your staked ASD

B. Make a transfer from Cash Account to Margin Account

C. Enter a transfer amount and click on [Confirm to Transfer]

Please note that a percentage discount will be applied to the value of staked assets in the calculation of margin rates. This applies only to assets supported by the platform for margin trading



4. Transfer details can be viewed under [Transfer History]. When the transfer is completed, you can start Margin Trading with the staked assets.



For further details on Margin Trading, please refer to How to Start Margin Trading on AscendEX