1. Visit AscendEX.com – [Homepage] – [Investment Product] – [Staking].



2. On the Staking page, there is a list of projects available for staking service. You can select or search one to participate in.


3. For example, if you want to participate in BOND Staking, click on [View].



4. On the BOND Staking page, you can click on [Delegate Now] to directly stake the token. Or if you currently don't hold any BOND tokens, click on [Buy BOND] to purchase some on the Cash Trading page. Skip the next step if you already have BOND tokens in your account.



5. On the BOND/USDT cash trading page, you can purchase BOND tokens by placing a Limit Order or Market order.

A. Click on Limit/Market

B. Enter a price (not applicable for market orders) and size

C. Click on [Buy BOND]


Go back to the BOND Staking page and click on [Delegate Now] to continue staking.



6. You can also stake the token via [My Asset] – [ Cash Account] – [BOND] – [Delegate].  



7. Complete setup in the delegation pop-up window:

A. Activate [Compound Mode] to enable auto-redelegation of staking rewards and compound your return. You can choose to activate or deactivate [Compound Mode] at your discretion

B. Enter a delegation amount. Please note that there is a minimum delegation amount for each supported token. The delegation amount must be higher or equal to the minimum amount

C. Read and then check the AscendEX Staking Agreement box and click on [Confirm] to complete delegation



Introduced by AscendEX, "Compound Mode" is an innovative feature that automatically redelegates the user's staking reward once it is distributed, thus compounding the returns.


8. After the delegation is completed, a ticker ending with a "-S" will appear on [My Asset]-[Investment Account] page to represent the staked asset. For example, BOND-S will be used to describe staked BOND after delegation.





Users can unstake any time after delegation. For further details, please refer to How to Unstake and Stop Staking【PC】.