1.     What is a FIO Address?
FIO Addresses are the universal identifier to the FIO Protocol - a usability standard being built by the Foundation for Inter-wallet Operability and supported by 25+ blockchain wallets, exchanges, and crypto payment processors. FIO Protocol (FIO) is a decentralized blockchain protocol that aims to allow easier and more convenient digital asset payment. FIO Addresses are human-readable wallet identifier (such as alice@bitmaxfio or john@edge) which eliminates the need to see, or even know of, blockchain public addresses.

2.     How Does FIO Address Work?
A.    Create Your FIO address


A.  Visit [Homepage] - [My Asset] - [Deposit]
B.  Select any asset and click on [Create] under [FIO Address]
C.  Enter a unique username to create your FIO address on AscendEX
D.  If the username has already been registered, please enter a new one and try again



B.    Link Your FIO Address with Token Addresses

A. After the FIO address is created successfully, click on the [Link] button to link the FIO address with your current token addresses
B. For example, check the BTC box and link it with your FIO address, then you will be able to deposit and withdraw BTC with the FIO address (like alice@bitmaxfio) going forward



C.    Deposit with FIO Address
You can deposit tokens from external wallets to AscendEX with the FIO address.

A. The wallet (non-AscendEX wallet) you want to withdraw from must support FIO addresses
B. You have already created a FIO address on the external wallet and completed linking
C. Copy your FIO Address and enter it in the withdrawal address field on the external wallet
D. Select token and public chain type to complete deposit



D.   Withdraw with FIO Address
A. You have already created a FIO Address on AscendEX, and have linked it to the token you want to withdraw
B. The wallet (AscendEX wallet or external wallet) you want to deposit into must support FIO address
C. Enter the FIO address for the token to proceed with withdrawal