How to Be a Trader

Users can apply to be a trader on AscendEX by following these steps:

  1. Complete KYC 1 Verification
  2. Go to [Account] - [Copy Trading] - [Follow Me Trade]
  3. Click on [Trader Application] to submit your info and wait for review.
  4. The review will be completed within 1-3 business days.



            A. whose trader application has been rejected or 

            B. whose trader function has been deactivated CAN apply again

        2.Users who have subscribed to other traders CANNOT apply to be a trader

        3.Trader's Nickname and Profile can be updated only ONCE within 30 days. Updates will be subject to platform review and take effect upon approval


How to Set up Subscription

  1. After a trader’s application is approved, the trader will be able to set a subscription fee via [Account] - [Copy Trading] - [ Follow Me Trade]. Each term of subscription runs for one calendar month. Minimum subscription fee is set at 5 USDT/Month.
  2. Traders can enable or disable the Subscription function at any time. When traders choose to disable the function, users will not be able to subscribe to them.


Info Display

  1. Upon application approval, a trader will be displayed on Pro Traders list ONLY AFTER the trader's futures assets and futures trading volume meet respective requirements on the page.
  2. Info displayed on the website (including return rate, etc.) is calculated from the time of approval.


Settlement of Subscription Fee for Traders

  1. Traders will be eligible to set and collect a subscription fee. The subscription fee will be settled and distributed on the 5th day of each month.
  2. Subscription fee from [ 6th day of Current Month -2], to [5th day of Current Month - 1] will be settled and distributed on the 5th day of Current Month
  3. For example, Subscription fee from May 6th to June 5th will be settled on July 5th.
  4. Please note that certain percentage of the subscription fee will be deducted as service charges before distribution.


How to Disable Subscription Function & Deactivate Trader Function

  1. A trader can choose to disable the subscription function. Afterwards, the system will automatically discontinue the auto renewal of subscriptions for the trader's subscribers.
  2. The trader can diactivate Trader function in one of the following two ways:

            A. If there are no subscribed users, the trader can apply to deactivate the trader function directly;

            B. If there are still subscribed users, a trader can terminate to be copied and the trader function will be deactivated afterwards. The remaining subscription fee will be refunded to subscribers.


Referral Rules for Copy Trading

Referral rules for copy trading are the same as the current Referral Program on AscendEX. ONLY when subscriber registers on AscendEX via the trader's Personal Referral Link, will the trader be eligible for receiving portion of the subscriber's trading commission as part of Referral Program.