AscendEX launched the Point Card in support of a 50% discount for the repayment of users’ margin interest.

How to Purchase Point Cards

  1. Users can purchase Point Cards on the margin trading page (Left Corner) or go to My Asset-Buy Point Card for purchase.
  2. The Point Card is sold at the value of 5 USDT equivalent of ASD each. Card price is updated every 5 minutes based on the previous 1-hour average ASD price. Purchase is completed after clicking the “Buy Now” button.
  3. Once ASD tokens are consumed, they will be transferred to a specific address for permanent lock-up.

How to Use Point Cards

  1. Each Point Card is worth 5 points with 1 point redeemable for 1 UDST. Point’s decimal accuracy is consistent with USDT trading pair’s price.
  2. Interest will always be paid with Point Cards first if available.
  3. Interest incurred post purchase gets a 50% discount when paid with Point Cards. However, such discount is not applicable to existing interest.
  4. Once sold, point Cards are non-refundable.