Dear Users,


To further enhance user’s trading experience, will be releasing Version 1.2 of Copy Trading Service on July 28th, 10:30 a.m. EDT.


The latest release includes many improved functionalities as well as various new features! You can check out at the updated Copy Trading page. Here is a quick summary of what to expect with Version 1.2:


What Has Been Improved


  • Separated Settings – users can set subscription and auto-renewal separately on [My Copy Trade] page.
  • Structured Copy Trading page – add Editors' Choice, trader's positions, explanation of Fixed Amount & Proportional Amount Copy Mode, and automatic loading of Pro Trader list.
  • More Reasonable Subscription Fee Setting - subscription period was updated from a 30-day basis to a monthly basis. Minimum subscription fee is set at 5 USDT/Month.
  • Optimized Calculation Formula of Return Rate.
  • Users 1) whose application has been rejected or 2) whose trader function has been deactivated CAN apply again.
  • Subscription fee settlement & distribution was updated to the 5th day of each month.

Subscription fee from [ 6th day of Current Month -2], to [5th day of Current Month - 1] will be settled and distributed on the 5th day of Current Month

For example, Subscription fee from May 6th to June 5th will be settled on July 5th.


What's New

  • Add Advanced Settings of Subscription. Users can now set a Maximum Copied Positions and Maximum Loss Ratio for their copied trading positions. When the pre-set amount/percentage is reached, an alert email will be sent to users for proper actions required.
  • Add Copy Trading History. Users can check copy trading details via [My Copy Trade] page.
  • Traders can terminate to be copied at any time and the trader function will be deactivated afterwards. The remaining subscription fee will be refunded to subscribers.
  • Trader's Nickname and Profile can be updated ONCE within 30 days. Updates will be subject to platform review and take effect upon approval.
  • Upon application approval, a trader will be displayed on Pro Traders list ONLY AFTER the trader's futures assets and futures trading volume meet respective requirements on the page.


Great Rewards for Being a Pro Trader!

If you are a seasoned trader of perpetual futures contracts with sophisticated strategies and steady returns, welcome to apply NOW! Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

  • VIP Fee Discounts
  • Trading Commissions from Referrals
  • Bonus Credit
  • Share up to 100K USDT/Month “Super Reward Pool”


Please contact Official Admin in telegram groups for more details.


Click here to apply NOW. Team

July 28, 2020