Dear Users, will list Nord Finance (NORD) under the trading pair of NORD/USDT.


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To celebrate the listing, and the Nord Finance project will jointly launch two promotions for you to share approx. 30,000 USDT in tokens. Details are as follows:


Time: Jan 27, 9:00 p.m. EST -  Feb 3, 7:00 p.m. EST


Event One: Complete Tasks to Share 14,500 USDT in Tokens


During the event, users who complete the following tasks will have a chance to share 14,500 USDT worth of total rewards.

Task 1Participate in NORD Pre-Staking with 7-day Average Staking Quantity ≥ 50 NORD

Task Reward:

  • Users who complete ANY TWO TASKS will be eligible to receive an equal share of 3,500 USDT in NORD tokens.
  • Users who complete ANY THREE TASKS will be eligible to receive an equal share of 7,000 USDT in NORD tokens.


Lucky Charm:

For users who complete Task 1 & any one of the remaining tasks:

200 lucky winners will be selected via a random draw. Each will receive additional 20 USDT in NORD tokens.

Task 2NORD Net Deposit (Deposit - Withdrawal) ≥ 50 NORD
Task 3NORD Trading Volume (Buy + Sell) ≥ 300 NORD
Task 4Retweet & comment the event poster on Twitter (Click to submit task info)


1. Users must complete KYC 1 verification for participation.

2. 7-Day Average Staking Quantity = Sum of Daily NORD Staking Quantity/7.

3. Only the deposit from an external wallet (i.e. outside of platform) will be eligible for the promotional program. Token transfers between accounts on the platform will not be eligible.

4. Users will be eligible to simultaneously share respective reward pools based on the maximum number of completed tasks.

5. Rewards will be distributed to the winner's account within 14 business days after the event.


Event Two: 4,000 NORD Exclusive Rewards to Airdrop Multiple Card Holders


For Airdrop Multiple Card holders who submit the activity form during the event, each will be eligible for 30 USDT worth of token rewards (factoring in multiplied reward with a single use of Airdrop Multiple Card). Airdrop tokens will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.



1. The airdrop reward will be automatically locked up and displayed on the user's My Asset page under NORDLCK.

2. After reward distribution, when users have a total purchase of NORD from the market ≥ twice the airdrop within three days, the airdrop tokens will be released within ONE hour. If a user's total purchase of NORD is less than twice the airdrop within three days, the user will be deemed to voluntarily forfeit the airdrop.

3. Each user account is eligible for NORD airdrop only ONCE.

4. If a user receives an airdrop but fails to meet the unlocking requirement, the card will still be considered being used.

5. NORD price is calculated per its market price at the time of distribution. Total airdrop reward is capped at 4,000 NORD. Rewards will be distributed to the user's account within 3 business days after the event. reserves the final right to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions. For any abusive or suspicious activity detected, will take action and disqualify the user from the events.


We truly appreciate your continued support. Team

Jan 27, 2021


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