Dear Community,
Due to the abnormal trading behavior, has decided to compensate all users who suffered losses in COVA trading as follows:

Compensation Amount = ExecutedBuyOrderAmount - ExecutedSellOrderAmount (including unlocked airdrop COVA) – Current Position *0.00376USDT
1. there will be no compensation if the result is 0 or negative.
2. All the calculations are using USDT as the base currency. BTC and ETH trading nationals are calculated using the reference price of 3979.4USDT and 112.19USDT separately.
3. COVALCK position and COVA position from deposit are not qualified for the remaining position calculation.
4. 0.00376USDT is the snapshot price of COVA when suspended trading. 
5. Users who are eligible for compensation still keep COVA position. You can continue to trade when trading resumes or withdraw at anytime.

Please submit your account name, transaction details, and trading loss amounts , as well as the current position of COVA to within 3 business days. We will process the request by January 4th.
Thank you for the continued support. Team