BitMax community captains are the supporters and builders of the BitMax’s ecosystem. They are from all over the world, regardless of timezone and geographic location limitation. Captains can participate in the development of the BitMax’s ecosystem and receive the rewards for their contributions throughout the process. All community managers, KOLs, and senior blockchain participants are invited to join this great league of community leadership (REGISTER now)


How to become a BitMax “Community Captain”?


-       You need to be a crypto enthusiast and influencer with community resources of no less than 500 fans/followers;

-       Your community active follower rate should be at least 25% of the total number of followers;

-       You need to have availability and capacity to participate proactively and enthusiastically in community events or daily maintenance;

-       You need to strive for higher professional goal through the BitMax platform.


Six Benefits of being a BitMax “Community Captain”


  • High Commission Rebates --- up to 10%(spot) +60% (futures) of the transaction fees;
  • Bonus Incentive --- Unlimited bonus may be added to the fixed monthly salary depending on captains’ monthly performance in their duties;
  • Quarterly Performance Assessment --- Each quarter, captains' performance will be assessed, and those with outstanding performance will receive additional rewards;
  • Exclusive Honor --- Captain ID and free BitMax merchandise. Captains from High-ranked communities can receive exclusive benefits from BitMax;
  • Airdrops --- Captains with excellent performance will have a higher chance of receiving airdrop awards;
  • Resource Support -- Captains can request additional resource support from BitMax for marketing and community management.


Six Key responsibilities of BitMax Captain


  • Host community promotion activities at least once a month (Captain can initiate activities on their own or support BitMax team in organizing community activities);
  • Maintain a positive reputation for BitMax and proactively promote BitMax community activities and events;
  • Zero toleration for disrespectful or defamatory or negative content about BitMax. Posting such content will lead to the removal of the BitMax Captain title.
  • Promptly address any community questions regarding products, technical issues and general client concerns related to the platform.
  • The community must be a group with real users. It cannot be an advertisement group or any other unrelated group. 
  • The term of the community captain position is 6 months. Unqualified captains will enter a one-month performance review period, and the position will be terminated if captains fail to improve at the end of review process.



BitMax "Community Captain" Base Salary & Incentive Compensation


BitMax "Community Captain" Base salary


BitMax will implement a tiered base salary structure based on the captain's level.


BitMax "Community Captain" Futures Referral Reward Program


BitMax community Captains will receive up to 60% of total trading fees paid by the users whom they have referred. Please see below for a chart illustrating the structure:



Level% total Trading Fees Paid as Commissions
3 and above60%



"BitMax Captain" Quarterly Reward Program


Outstanding community captains will receive additional rewards based on the outcome of their quarterly performance assessment.


Quarterly Reward Program will be posted as an official announcement for all "Community Captains".


To promote active participation, BitMax will adjust the reward pool on a monthly basis based upon the evaluation results.


Please note:


1) All candidates need to first apply for "Community Captain". BitMax will review all applications and then approve those based upon the evaluation result.


2) The term of the community captain position is 6 months. However, after expiration, the position can be renewed based on personal willingness and work performance assessment.


3) reserves the final right to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions. Any violation of the relevant rules will cause the removal of the title and benefits of BitMax community captains.



Thank you for your continued support. Team