Dear users,


For enhanced updates of account activity, will implement SMS notification feature. For now, the feature is deployed for notification purpose only, not for user identity verification.


How to add a phone number and turn on SMS notification?

Upon implementation,

-       For new user, a phone number can be added after the account signup.

-       For current user, a window will pop up when user logs in to the account for the first time.

Once the phone number is added, SMS notification will be turned on for the account by default.

If user wants to add the phone number later, please go to [Account Security] > [SMS Notification] via the web browser or [Me] > [SMS Notification] via the APP/H5.


It’s recommended that user should add a phone number and keep the SMS notification on to receive timely text updates on account activities.


Thank you for the continued support. Team

Dec 5, 2019


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